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Second City Fundraiser! From March 30th 2012

I held a fundraiser at second city on march 30th. It went well overall. A few hiccups but nothing crazy. Putting these things together is always so stressful. a lot of work and you don't know if people will show. And of course there are the people who say they're coming and don't. With no explanation or apology. I get it. I accept it. One guy I was sure was one of those people was dr drew pinsky. It was over a month earlier on his show that he said he would be there. I kinda didn't believe him, but shame on me. He was there! With his wife in tow! Really good of him to come. Good of everybody who came really.

The show had the great Dave hill, a teacher at io west and performer. He's one of my favorites. Great guy and has participated in at least 2 benefits I've had in the past. He did a 2 person improv show with Matt jones. I've known Matt for a while. Hes a great improvisor and great guy as well. He is also on one of my favorite shows ever, breaking bad. He plays "Badger".

We started the show late due to a tech issue. My sideshow wasn't playing on the DVD player and the tech guy, Mikey, was getting frustrated, I sensed, by that. We had to be off stage by 920, and what I was planning didn't have much wiggle room. So we opened the doors regardless of the sideshow, which pics of me running. But low and behold it started working. It wasn't going to get much play though. We had to start. I knew we lost time so I skipped my intro I had planed and did a quick introduction of Hill/Jones.

In the greenroom was Andy st Clair. I knew Andy from Chicago and he was a pretty big deal out there. Second city Mainstage, improv rockstar, and he moved to LA several months ago. You may know him from Treasure Hunters Roadshow. He's the funny one. Andy did my favorite forms to do, 'Shootin' the Shit', in Chicago with me a few times. So fun! It was always fun to play with him. My other guest was the great david koechner! I know a lot of Dave and David's. Koechner is on the Office. He plays 'Packer'. Was also in naked trucker and t-bones show as t-bone. Was in anchorman, I forget his characters name, but I think he was a cowboy. He's hilarious and crazy and I thought it'd be fun if he could do shootin e shit with me. I asked him early on in the planning of the fundraiser if he could do it. AT the time he couldnt. So I asked several others and mentioned to him I hadn't found anybody yet. His schedule had cleared up and he could do it!! Hizzah! Dave helped me years earlier get me on the Adam corolla show, the radio show, before the podcast adam does now. Koechner volunteered himself to help me and he got me on Adams show and Greg fitzsimmons Sirius show on the same day. It was pretty amazing of him. At the time me and my brother in laws were going on a month long bike trip across country. I didn't bike but I video recorded everything. Still hope to make a doc of it. Koechner was also one of my favorite guys on one of my favorite improv teams ever! Beer shark mice! They were the greatest and sadly kind of retired. What a shame.

Anyway the show went well. I didn't exactly get to say everything I wanted to the way I wanted to because of the time constraint. And I didn't improvise the way I wouldve liked to, due to my improv rustiness and clogged mind of stress.

I thought the theater was going to be at capacity but it wasn't. It was a good crowd, maybe 40 or 50, but I think everybody had a good time. Afterwards deb and I got my friend Heidi popp and her catering company 'meow meowz' to cater for an amazing rate. She was so great and her helper Jess. We had lots of left over food and drink and ate cupcakes for a week. People came to the after gathering which was cool and some of the True Blood people came too. It was a nice breather.

Planning the st Louis fundraiser seemed like it was going great. I had a bunch of great folks in st Louis helping me output it all went awry. Which was a real shame. I'll write about that later. Stay tuned. :)

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