Friday, January 13, 2012

I will be done running in 48 hours!!! NEW BLOG!!

I'm writing this blog on the 940 am flight out of lax. I gotta write fast it's a short flight to Phoenix Arizona. I put down the Hal higdon, a major runner and marathoner and I'm listening to the raconteurs last album.

I'm thinking about a few things, one is I just learned at the gate waiting for my plane, a guy I knew just died of cancer. His name was mike, and although I didn't know him very well and we never spent much time together, I knew he was a really great guy and talented improvisor and my first teacher when I moved to Chicago three years ago at iO. I was coming in at the tail end of a eight week class, but I felt welcomed. So I'm a bit sad for him and his family and friends and the improv community. He wad a young guy. Nobody deserves that. RIP mike.

My eyes popped open several times during the night, a restless mind nervous about missing the alarm. I didn't of course. I was up a half hour before it even went off. Made some eggs and toast, checked my online social network sights and finished up my packing I started the night before.

I over packed. Wasn't going to check a bag, but I packed so much, I had to. Over did it with running gear; clothes, cliff blocks, jelly belly energy (yum), waterproof tape, my laminated signs I will run with pinned to me, my new running "utility belt" that will hold my water bottles, energy stuff I'll need before and during the race, maybe a phone or wallet. And, of course, my blindfolds. I'll be using two this time. A dark bandana will go on under the giant white cloth I've used in past races. The bandana is a new edition. We'll see how that works out.

I'm excited..... Really.... I am. Ok sure, I'm nervous. Mostly of getting injured. But I should be ok, if I don't try to show off. I gotta listen to my common sense and my body. I'm not trying to break any records (but it would be nice to do better than my last time of 5 hours 37 min and seconds that I forget.

But really I have 7 hours from the last person crossing the start line to finish according to the rules. Plenty of time.

I've already gotten way more press and attention than I did for Chicago. So we are off to a fantastic start. Already raised over $20,000 since announced this in the summer. A long way to go and almost a whole year to get there.

I said goodbye to my sleepy, yet shockingly beautiful, girlfriend when my ride came. I'll be able to talk to her on my new iPhone. Upgraded from my piece of shit sprint flip phone, thank god!

I'm sure it'll be really emotional this whole year for me. Just the support I've been getting through Facebook, emails, twitter, texts and actually voice to voice and face to face interactions have been incredible and so moving for me. Puts a smile on my face every time.

Whenever I tell strangers or new people what I'm doing their reactions are great and they're usually shocked. I'm accused of being crazy and then they wish me the best of luck.

Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I'll contact Guinness. What's the record for miles run in marathons blindfolded? There's got be a category right? Maybe they'll make a new category :)

I'll be in touch. Follow me.

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